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The 2023 Starboard All Star Airline 14'0" is, without doubt, one of the fastest and most exciting inflatable paddleboards available to buy. Using Starboard's patented free-flowing aramid cable called the 'Airline', this performance SUP is impressively rigid, strong and yet surprisingly lightweight. At 28" wide this Airline Allstar 14'0" is not only very fast but also really well mannered and predictable underfoot.

The 2023 model features the all-new EVA deck tray standing area, providing a foot brace at each rail edge encouraging you to put down more and more powerful paddle strokes. Whether you are racing for the top of the podium or simply wanting a very fast touring board, the Starboard 14'0" Airline Allstar has to be on your shortlist.

Starboard Airline 14’ x 28

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