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Group shot - Falkirk WHeel
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Club Membership

Club membership is new to us in 2022 and this is the heart of what we have done since 2018. We have affiliated with WSA and this gives our members insurance on the water during club paddles. There are a number of great benefits from becoming a member. Check it out here.

NB: If you want your own individual membership check out the Water Skills Academy website.


Glasgow Paddleboarders Hub

Glasgow Paddleboarders Hub is a Facebook group with over 3000 people in and around Glasgow and beyond. This is the perfect forum to  ask other people advice about something you might want to know the answer to. This group is the reason we have a business today! It is where our business began and it grew really big which is why we also offer a membership.

Facebook Members Group

This group is for the paying members only. Check it out here.

3 simple options

- Bronze £25 per year

- Silver £60 per year

- Gold £40 per month

Once you sign up to a membership that suits you add yourself onto the group and get access to everything that we have to offer.

Member Club Nights for Booking


Clothing while paddeboarding


What to wear

The Scottish weather throws curveballs at us all very regularly. In the summer we go from wearing our Gla Pad zip shorts and drift Gla Pad t-shirts to being fully wrapped in 5mm neoprene depending on the weather. 

In the winter we wrap up and a drysuit set-up is always going to keep you the warmest. A decent wetsuit can do the job too. A quality aquafleece or cag is a great top layer to keep the warmth in. 5mm boots with neoprene socks help the feet. Wearing a PDF jacket also adds extra warmth.

There is a lot of advice online about what to wear at certain times of the year. We would recommend checking out supboardermag as they have a bunch of advice.  

If you're still not sure, get in touch.