Pikes on canal


The Heart Of Our Business

Facebook Group

Check it out here.

Via Facebook we have created an online community in a group that we simply call Glasgow Paddleboarders. This is the perfect place to get information about group trips, find friends to paddle with or simply ask other people advice about something you might want to know the answer to. This group is the heartbeat of everything at Glasgow Paddleboarders Co. It’s the reason we have a business today!

We have a kids community too called Glasgow Paddleboarders Pikes. Check that out for age 8+.


Getting together

Every Thursday or Friday when it's light enough group trips are organised with weekend events common too. Kit can be rented to join in for £30 per person. Hit book now to check out when our next social is.



Clothing while paddeboarding


What to wear

The Scottish weather throws curveballs at us all very regularly. In the summer we go from wearing our Gla Pad zip shorts and drift Gla Pad t-shirts to being fully wrapped in 5mm neoprene depending on the weather. 

In the winter we wrap up and a drysuit set-up is always going to keep you the warmest. A decent wetsuit can do the job too. A quality aquafleece or cag is a great top layer to keep the warmth in. 5mm boots with neoprene socks help the feet. Wearing a PDF jacket also adds extra warmth.

There is a lot of advice online about what to wear at certain times of the year. We would recommend checking out supboardermag as they have a bunch of advice.  

If you're still not sure, get in touch.