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Arden to Inchmurrin - Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond is an iconic Scottish paddleboarding dream. There are loads of launch points for loads of beautiful paddles. Arden to Inchmurrin is just one of them and below Shannon highlights just how fun this trip was. Arden is the point where the ferry leaves to take foot passengers across to the island. It is just south of the famous Cameron House Hotel on the west side of the loch. There is a car park at the top of the road with plenty of bays before a short walk down to the launch point. There is a small beach that you get access to by jumping over a red gate on the right hand side of the pier as you look out to the water. Make sure the wind is below 10mph before heading out on the water there as Loch Lomond can be fierce in the wrong weather conditions. The Inchmurrin Hotel is a fantastic place for a pint and a bar meal. There is a big beach as you approach the hotel on the south east side of the island.


Sunset Paddle to Inchmurrin

What’s better than September sun, on the waters of Loch Lomond, surrounded by new friends and a sunset? As we are well into winter now, I wanted to reflect back to one of my favorite but also warmer paddles with Glasgow Paddleboarders.

With a shoreline of 153km, and 23 islands, Loch Lomond lies within the Loch lomond and Trossachs National Park. Less than an hours drive from Glasgow, around 50% of Scotland's population are lucky enough to live very accessibly to this beautiful loch.

September almost felt like normal considering the current times we're facing with Covid -19 on the rise. The Government guidelines allowed us to travel anywhere in the country without any travel restrictions, which meant paddleboarding in groups of up to 30 people was allowed with the correct training in place. Thursday 17th September, brought a beautiful day full of warm sunshine across the country, so what better excuse that to get out on the paddle board in Loch Lomond. Thankfully a group paddle for that evening had been organised so I was able to get out on the water. With all the boards pumped up, it was an evening for shorts and t-shirt. No wetsuit required.

The plan was to paddle out to the island of Inchmurrin. It is the largest island on Loch Lomond, and is actually the largest freshwater island on The British Isles. We started our paddle out towards the island, the sun shining and the conversation flowing. I love when we can meet up for group paddles as I've met so many lovely new friends through the community created by Glasgow Paddlerboarders Co. What a perfect way to spend the evening. Inchmurrin has a bar and restaurant so the plan was to grab a refreshment and chill out for a while. Due to Government restrictions and the number of us in the group we couldn't get served as we were in too large a group. Even if we had sat in pairs it wasn't going to happen. We paddled on along the shoreline of the island for a while before turning back.

On our return the water was just amazing, like glass but also some smooth wave type movements were coming from the water because of passing jet skis and power boats. This created some fun faves meaning we had some fun trying to stay on our feet. Paddling surfing! Great fun!

Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love a sunset and I will quite frankly chase them all summer. As we came round the south tip of the island we were hit with what was possibly the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen over Loch Lomond. The wave type movements of the water disappeared, with the mountain of Ben Lomond gleaming to the right and the sun dipped down to the left. It was perfect. You can’t beat Scotland on a sunny evening. After a full on photoshoot with the sunset, darkness arrived so head torches were switched on and back we went to the shore. Even with it being quite dark it was still warm and the entire surface of the water was warm too. Even warmer than the air temperature.

Loch Lomond is for sure an amazing place to paddle with so many different places to launch from and islands to paddle to. There is something there for everyone and getting out with the amazing community of Glasgow Paddleboarders is just lovely to around. Getting out with like minded people that all have a passion for paddleboarding.

Once these latest restrictions are over, I'll be out of Stirling and down to the next meet up. See you all on the water soon.

Shannon Moses

Instagram: @shannon.e.moses_

📍Fitness instructor @sportatstirling

📍BA (Hons) Sports Studies graduate @universityofStirling

📍Northern Ireland/Stirling, Scotland

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