The Gladiator Pro 10'6 SUP is the true all-round shape. At 10'6 x 32" x 4.7" this SUP board is the perfect all-round board for most people. The 32" width and the straight rails make this SUP board nice and stable and is a great board for all riders up to 120kg. Whether paddling flat water or waves with friends, family, kids or the dog, you'll have an amazing time on the 10'6.


Gladiator Pro 10'6 x 32" Construction

Double-Laminated Fusion Technology With 1000 Den Substrate For The Ultimate In Stiffness & Durability


The Gladiator Pro is made with double laminated fusion technology with an added 2 layer sandwich of 1000 den textile substrate in between the layers of PVC, this technology allows for a light, stiff and durable SUP board. The Gladiator Pro also has a triple reinforced STRONG EDGE which allows for a 'solid' board effect. Thanks to its design and manufacturing method the narrow super-strong edge becomes an integral part of the SUP board, as a result, the board offers even more rigidity, glide and performance with the added bonus that the thinner edge looks stunning. This impressive rigidity allows even a 120kg person to be able to stand on a 4.7" thick all-round board.


Hull: Double-Laminated Fusion Technology With 1000 Den Substrate  
Sidewalls: Triple reinforced STRONG EDGE
Deck Pad: EVA Crocodile Deck Pad  
Board Handles: Front, middle and rear of the board  
Bungee Cord: On nose for storing gear and supplies  
Fin:  Centre US Flexi-Fin
Paddle: Carbon Nylon Paddle  
Pump: Bravo SUPer Pump  

Gladiator Pro Board


Outline Shape
The Gladiator Outline shape is 10'6 x 32" x 4.7'' with a narrower midsection & wider tail giving this board a great glide. The Gladiator is stable because of a wide tail and easy to turn. It's easy to hold the paddle closer & vertical, which improves tracking and reduces the number of times you have to switch the paddle from side to side when paddling.


Drop Stitch 
The Gladiator Pro is made with double laminated fusion technology with an added 2 layer sandwich of 1000 den textile substrate in between the layers of PVC.


Bungee Cord
On nose storing gear and supplies.


Board Handles
Gladiator Pro comes with a carry handle in the middle of the board, the front and the back, making carrying and entering the water with your sup board extremely easy and fun.


Gladiator Carbon / Nylon Paddle
This upgraded carbon - nylon SUP paddle is included with the Pro range. A true step-up in performance, for faster forward paddling.


Bravo SUPer Double Action Pump
Inflate your board faster and easier with the Bravo SUPer pumps continuous pumping cycles in both downward and upward action. With a switch, the double action becomes single action for easy inflation to 20 PSI.


Gladiator Wheeled Bag
Large - Great Quality - Strong
The Gladiator bag is designed to carry all of your Gladiator paddleboard kit easily with wheels and rucksack. Perfect for heading to the beach or global travel.


Centre US Fin
Gladiator branded Flexi  Fin looks great and flexes when needed. The US fin system is completely universal, meaning you can change fins for shallow water or longer touring trips. And if you do lose a fin, they are purchasable from any watersports store worldwide.


3 Years Warranty

Gladiator is an innovative brand, building high-quality paddleboards, but without a high price-tag, Using double layer laminated and weave technology alongside triple rail edge construction means these boards are light & strong. With premium glueing technology that can be inflated to 25 PSI, (even thought 18/20 psi is perfect) the confidence in this high PSI means not only a very rigid board but also one that is very very strong.


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Gladiator Pro 10’6