10'6 Ultimate
Sandbanks Maui 10'6 - orange and blue
Sandbanks Malibu 10'6 - pink and green
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Sandbanks Paua - purple and green 10'6
Sandbanks Reef - Blue and red
Sandbanks Ultimate Amazon 10'6 - green p

The Sandbanks 10'6 Ultimate boards are called so because they are the Ultimate all-rounder. Hydrodynamic shaping, including a rocker at the nose of the iSUP for wave performance, ensures that the Ultimate handles smoothly and predictably in all conditions. It also offers excellent stability and buoyancy, whilst the streamlining of the design gives fantastic glide range, taking you further for each paddle. This makes the Reef ideal for longer SUP journeys.

11' Cruiser
Sandbanks Cruiser Reef 11'

At 11 ft high and 34 inches wide, the Reef Cruiser offers fantastic stability and glide. It has hydrodynamic shaping, including a rocker at the nose for wave performance and this allows the Reef Cruiser to cut through the water. The 11ft length of the board gives the Reef Cruiser impressive straight-line tracking. The Reef Cruiser's extra width makes this iSUP very stable, enabling easy cruising.

12' Sport
11' Sandbanks Sports Touring - gree and

This slimline iSUP is designed for speed. Narrower than the Ultimate board at 30 inches, it packs a powerful 12ft length, features a rocker at the front and comes to a streamlined point. This design enables you to cut through calm or rough water, allowing you to reach impressive speeds whatever the weather.

All Sandbanks boards come with a 5 year warantee.