Beginner Board // 10'6" x 33" x 4.7"
The All-In-One Board. Recreational shape SUP aimed at beginner/intermediate paddlers offering a combination of stability and volume for families, kids, dogs and heavier paddlers. Front tie downs for gear, rear tie down for cooler and kick pad for those wanting to improve their technique. Take the family and head to the lake. . 

Otago [O-tar-go] -

The Otago coastline on the east coast of New Zealand is where the Sea Lions started breeding on the mainland for the first in over 150 years.


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At Sea Lion we paddle with the whole family, kids included. We’ve designed the perfect inflatable SUP for kids and small adults to get out on the water and learn to paddle. Whether it’s their first time on the lake, they’re joining you on the river or hitting the surf this board does it all and is designed to last well into their teens. Shorter and narrower than the Rapoka, the Akaroa shares similar lines, tie-downs, kickpad and rocker that excel in any condition and is made with the same Eco details as the rest of the Sea Lion iSUP range. This offers stability, durability, maneuverability and the same Sea Lion experience for the next generation of paddlers. Welcome to the Tribe kids! 

Akaroa [A-ka-row-ah] - Akaroa is a village on the eastern coast of New Zealand where on the rim and deposits of an extinct volcano you can see a colony of New Zealand Fur Seals, a family member of the Penipeds and close sibling to the New Zealand Sea Lion 

The Akaroa could help protect 37.5m2 of endangered seagrass. Although seagrasses only cover 0.1% of the ocean, they sequester 10% of the total carbon in the ocean - an incredibly efficient store of organic carbon. Coastal seagrass beds store up to 83,000 metric tons of carbon per square kilometre – that’s over double a typical terrestrial forest!



• Built for beginner / intermerdiate touring // 11' x 32" x 6"
Designed for the adventure paddler, this is a take-everything-with-you touring board offering both stability and glide. Multiple gear tie down anchor points front and rear, neoprene handles middle, bow and stern and bomber side grab handles for maneuverability while gear is attached. This is your 4 X 4 SUP that will take you to that hidden camp spot, down white-water rivers and around the lake while the sun rises. The quiver killer – the one and only board you need. 

Rapoka [Rap-oh-kah] -

Sea Lion in Maori (Native language of New Zealand).


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Touring Board // 12'6" x 32" x 6"
The ultimate 4 X 4 water vehicle for overnight and multi-day paddling adventures. Designed with multiple tie down anchor points front and rear, neoprene handles bow and stern, and bomber side grab handles for portaging while gear is attached. The length and width provides incredible glide and stability in bigger water and ocean environments. Pack your cooler, pack your tent and go. This board will get you there safe, dry and happy. 

Tasman [Taz-man] -

Abel Tasman national park, one of the most famous and stunning parks on the southern Island, named after the famous explorer Abel Tasman