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Skimover wheels were originally designed by a ski geek named Jorge. As he's getting a bit older, he and his wife wanted to carry their skis up the mountain with a little more ease. Jorge, an engineer, utilised his engineering skills and his newly purchased 3D printer. He set himself the long and arduous task (he didn't know it was going to be long and arduous at the start of this journey) of making some wheels for himself and his wife. However, the first set broke on the first hill when he got to the prototype phase. So, he went back to the drawing board, made them better and stronger, and finally created some 'Skimovers.'

Now, you might be wondering, what does all this have to do with paddleboarding? Well, apart from being a passionate engineer, newly keen 3D printer and designer, and skier, Jorg also absolutely loves paddleboarding. So, he thought, 'Hey!' (All said in Swedish, as that's where he is from!) 'I can make my Ski movers and adapt them for paddleboarding,' and that's exactly what he did.

After more trials and more effort than expected, Jorg has brought to market a wheel that's incredible. It's easy to fit, and extremely quick, and the wheels are small, allowing for easy packing away on your board.

These wheels are really for anyone who finds it a struggle to carry their board or wants to carry the board a longer distance than from the car to the beachfront and struggles with it. They're incredibly easy, quick, and easy to fit and are going to revolutionise paddleboard carrying.

Paddleboard wheels -

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