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Anomy believes in expression through style

Their boards become world-renowned creators’ canvas to bring talent, creativity and style (artistry) next to you (to your water adventures).


Board Size: 9’8” x 31” x 3.93”/ 295cm x 787mm x 100mm

Volume: Riders up to: 70kg. Max rider weight 80kg.

Versatile SUP used by almost any rider.


Any one of these boards is like no other, different, unique. Their style, what they wear, what they drive, what they ride, is part of their expression of themselves.

Keep your uniqueness anywhere, anytime. Don’t lose your expression, don’t lose your voice, don’t lose your style.

Board Size: 10’6″ x 32″ x 4.75″ / 320cm x 812mm x 120mm

Volume:Rider up to: 70kg to 90kg. Max rider weight 100kg

Versatile SUP used by almost any rider.


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Anomy’s stand-up paddle boards are not only about appearance. Our inflatable stand-up paddle boards are made meeting the highest international standards of quality and innovation. They are designed to be easy to paddle in all water conditions, whatever your level is.

Board Size: 10’8″ x 34″ x 6″ / 325cm x 863mm x 152mm

Volume: Rider up to: 90kg to 110kg+. Max rider weight 100kg+

Versatile SUP better suited for taller or heavier riders wanting lots of stability.


For those who have their own vision of life. For those who think that difference is not a goal, but a path. For those who don’t conform to standards. For those who live, feel and dream different. For those who get to do whatever they want, whenever they want. That’s why our products are unique in every way. A rush of creativity, freshness and innovation by world-renowned illustrators. The artist’s singular perception of the world is hidden in every piece.

Board Size: 11’6″x 31″x6″ / 350cm x 787mm x 152mm

Volume: Riders from 110kg to 150kg

Touring boards for the shorter and lighter rider's.


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Anomy’s philosophy is to create one-of- a-kind stand-up paddle surf boards for one-of- a-kind people.

Board Size: 12’6″x 31″x6″ / 381cm x 787mm x 152mm

Volume: Rider up to: 150kgs

Touring boards for the shorter and lighter rider´s.



Anomy's unique SUP boards are exclusively designed with creativity coming from world-renowned illustrators. The company is based just outside Barcelona, Spain.

The Anomy SUP has the right amount of curve in its shape so the board rides smoothly and predictably, keeping a well-balanced board that reacts well to both flatwater paddling and SUP surf. 

The amazing designs are created by Spanish artists.

The Anomy Package Includes: 

  • Anomy Paddleboard Bag with great load capacity, multiple pockets, a comfortable backpack and wheels.

  • Anomy 3 piece Carbon / Nylon Paddle 

  • Double Action Bravo SUP pump with the Anomy design

  • Fin & US fin box - AI easy clip fin system

  • Anomy Coiled Leash

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