The beginning of something exciting

Starting up.

In September 2018 I created a Facebook group called Glasgow Paddleboarders and asked a couple of friends to join in. Little did I know back then that more than 800 like minded people would form to create an incredible online community for sharing ideas, tips and routes for paddleboarding in and around our city and beyond. Through interaction and going out with others, my knowledge and understanding of paddleboarding, has grown and made it a viable business opportunity.

On our own doorstep

Covid-19 has changed the way we all live. It has affected us all in some shape or form since March, and the country has been in some form of lockdown ever since. Little opportunity to travel abroad has meant that lots of people have looked closer at their own doorstep and at what Scotland has to offer. In life we so often take for granted what is in front of our very eyes.



Scotland is covered from head to toe in water. Lochs, rivers, The North Sea in the east or the Atlantic Ocean to the west. I grew up in the most Northerly town in Scotland, Thurso and have also loved being in and around water my whole life. An enjoyment of surfing began at school. This led to trying out paddleboarding in 2010 on a trip to Northern Ireland.

 I have played rugby my whole life. I have always loved being part of the team and enjoyed the ethos of the social aspect of sport. I always enjoyed wearing the team kit that went with being part of a club. Community and people love kit. It creates a togetherness. The creation of the Glasgow Paddleboarders logo came about purely because I wanted kit. Turns out so did lots of others. The Glasgow Paddleboarders shop opened. A close friend suggested starting an Instagram account and my brain started bursting with ideas.

Being a Dad, becoming a paddleboard instructor and working a full time job as a primary teacher keeps me busy. My wife’s head might be turned with my constant flow of ideas and non stop paddleboard chat... Let’s give this passion of paddleboarding a go as a business, and see where it takes us.


We run sessions at times you want, whether it be early morning, late evening or a middle of the day run.*

Sessions run at roughly 2 hours and start with prices as low as £29.95pp. Our instructors all have at least BCAB Level 1 Paddlesport Instructor qualifications.

If you’re looking for a new and fun experience, get in touch and book today. Send us your name and contact details so we can organise dates, times and numbers of people then. ✌🏼

*School holidays and weekends dictate day trips. Our instructor Ally is still a full time teacher.

If you live locally to Glasgow, check out our Facebook Group which is really the heartbeat of what we do. A community created to support other paddleboarders that want to get out and enjoy the water with friends.

Sea Lion Boards

An adventure with Sea Lion Boards is coming in the spring of 2021. Keep your eyes peeled for their boards arriving with us.


I promised a colleague we’d have a chat in five years time to see where this all goes. Watch this space as we grow together.

Thanks for the support.