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Glasgow Paddleboarders Pikes

Glasgow Paddleboarders Pikes


Kids paddleboard sessions are throughout April to end of September to get kids out on the water and learn about paddleboarding, how to look after their kit, what to wear, self rescue and so much more. The mega board is a big hit on club nights and SUP racing too. We do it all whilst having the best time. Children from Primary 4 to S4 can book into our club sessions.

All of the sessions run from the canal at Cadder Wharf in Bishopbriggs.

Our kids setup is linked to Curriculum for Excellence and we ensure that we think about Outcomes and Experiences that can be achieved through time on the water. Please get in touch if you want to book in as part of a school or local community group.

 Contact us at

We also have a range of kids t-shirts and changing robes available to purchase via the shop.


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