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Meet The Team

Ally Findlay Director

Ally Findlay

  • Instagram

Ally is the director of Glasgow Paddleboarders and the lead instructor.

He loves leading group sessions and running trips on open water.

Ally is part of Water Skills Academy training team and teaches SUP safety and Instructor courses across Scotland.

He rides a range of kit but is loving the SIC Bullet for down winding

Tanja on the canal

Tanja Mcconville

  • Instagram

Tanja LOVES paddleboarding. She is a trained adventure guide.

She has a Starboard All Star 12'6 x 30 and loves to race  it.

Tanja loves open water swimming and is a Mum to 3 boys.

She's a Kiwi with a great accent!


Mike Kissack

  • Instagram

Mike is our South African surfer  and drives a big green van.

He fell in love with SUP 5 years ago and spends his free time (not that he has loads) between surfing and exploring Loch Lomond on his SUP.

Mike loves leading groups out on open water.

Mike's two boys keep him very busy when he's not managing restaurants or out on the water.

Instructor Ian at Lochwinnoch

Ian Moir

  • Instagram

Ian runs bring your own paddlboard sessions in a variety of locations. He is a PT so be prepared to be put through your paces!


Ian's love of SUP started nearly 5 years ago when he had the use of a board for the summer.

The social aspect of paddleboarding, for him, is one of the main attractions. Whether that be working hard with a couple of mates to cover as much distance as possible or getting out with a group from Glasgow Paddleboarders.


Mark Muir

  • Instagram

Mark is Foundation SUP instructor. He's been paddle boarding for a few years now and loves the sea. Mark is a keen photographer so if you have him on a lesson he'll be sure to take a good snap of you!


He's a big fan of all the Gladiator kit and hasn't decided which board he's claiming just yet.

Instructor Rachael in Edinburgh on Canal

Rachel Pirie

  • Instagram

Rachael is a Foundation SUP instructor and is also chief in command of the Planet Patrol Litter Picks that we run. She is a real environmentalist and wants to see plastic removed from our waterways.

She always used our Anomy SUP kit and loves adventures. 


Bron Alt

  • Instagram

Bron's addition to the squad completes our trio of Southern Hemisphere paddlers :D 


She is a Foundation SUP instructor and loves her Gladiator Pro 11'4. Stable and it moves! Blackfish Salish 460 paddle too which makes her look even more pro!


Ron Parker

  • Instagram

Ron is a very keen paddleboard racer glides through life on his Infinity Blackfish. He is a board addict and has about 3 more at least.


Ron is a Foundation SUP instructor. He uses Black Project paddles as they make him go faster!

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