Anomy 10'6

Anomy's unique SUP boards are exclusively designed with creativity coming from world-renowned illustrators.

The Anomy 10’6 all-round board is designed for use across a wide range of conditions by all kinds of riders. This versatile board is designed to glide and is ideal for lighter riders as well as riders up to 100kg. 
The Anomy SUP has the right amount of curve in its shape so the board rides smoothly and predictably, keeping a well-balanced board that reacts well to both flatwater paddling and SUP surf. 

ABOUT THE ARTIST - Paiheme Studio

Founded by Pierre-Marie Postel in 2018, Paiheme Studio is the invitation of a French illustrator to discover his nostalgic world of Japan.

In his work, rotring, pen and India ink become his favourite tools. He quickly developed a passion for graphically dense works and admires the work of Japanese mangakas such as K. Otomo and T. Nihei, but also of French artists such as Mc Bess, G. Doré or P. Druillet.

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ABOUT THE ARTIST - Mr. Wonderful

The founders of Mr. Wonderful, Angi and Javi, are a married couple who are both talented graphic designers. 

Mr. Wonderful shares positive vibes and good energy through their products, selling to many small shops and larger department stores throughout Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Greece, the United Kingdom, the Middle East and Latin America.

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Mr Wonderful



Illustrator/graphic designer/tattoo artist born in the beautiful city, Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) but living in Milan. She always wanted to work around the world as an illustrator and tattooist. Her work is a variety of colourful projects and combinations of different techniques.

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Jason Pop



Elena Garnu studied Fine Arts at the Faculty of San Carlos in Valencia and completed her studies in Murcia and Albacete, her hometown.

Her contemporary and femenine style mixes portraits and elements of nature.

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Elena Garnu



Iban Galan studied Artistic Bachelor in Gipuzkoa, illustration in Vitoria-Gasteiz and Graphic design in Barcelona, in 2010 he decided to create his own brand “Desegin”. In 2011 he created his first individual exhibition presenting it in various cities, including at the “DESIGN WEEK” festival in Barcelona.

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Iban Galan


ABOUT THE ARTIST - Asis Percales

Asis Percales is an illustrator from Granada, Spain. His eclectic style is based on the modern tattoo culture, circus and European religious imaginary, comic culture and above all the Cumbia style. His art is all about stories, characters from different backgrounds and their experiences across time.

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Asis Percales



David salmerón, Based in Málaga, Señor Salme is an illustrator with a penchant for astronauts, science fiction and old-school comic-books. 
He is mainly focused in the editorial field and has worked for clients such as El País Semanal, Nature, The Washington Post and many others.

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Señor Salme



Mar Porgimon and Carla Ariza set up Xurris & Co in 2015. Both coming from artist backgrounds and have an adventure creating all sorts of weird from TV to broadcasting to being part of the Bulli foundation before creating Xurri & Co-Creative studio

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Xurris and Co



Venyason is an artist from Ukraine. Born in Moscow in 1994, he finished his bachelor degree in Fine Arts and Master's in illustration at Bau in Barcelona. 

The art style of Venya's work is influenced by old-school Russian and American cartoons. He works as illustrator and graphic designer, mostly with clothing brands, but meanwhile experiments with installations, sculpture and animation. Nowadays his studio is in Barcelona, where he is working on canvases, typography and graphic design.


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ABOUT THE ARTIST - Seamlesssoo
Scientific exploration has a whole new meaning when you come across the page of Seamlessoo. This jaw-dropping artist has paved a new way for himself. With images capturing and embodying powerful feelings of flamboyant eccentricity, seamlessoo is insistent in delivering masterpieces that overwhelm the viewer with psychedelic sensations. 

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The Way of Seamless

Anomy SUP 10'6