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Anomy 11'6


Anomy's unique SUP boards are exclusively designed with creativity coming from world-renowned illustrators.

The Anomy 11’6 touring board is designed for use across a wide range of conditions by all kinds of riders. This versatile board is designed to glide and is ideal for all riders wanting a touring board that still has manoeverability.



Ibane Cerezo has been drawing for as long as she can remember. She was born in the Basque Country but now lives in Barcelona, where she has been able to develop her creativity and turn her hobby into her trade.

Flora and fauna are always present in her work, as part of a parallel universe where she tends to dive into through the practice of illustration.
From the spontaneity of a little girl, she has made drawing a way of life, this is what unites her to her truest self.

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ABOUT THE ARTIST - Asis Percales

Asis Percales is an illustrator from Granada, Spain. His eclectic style is based on the modern tattoo culture, circus and European religious imaginary, comic culture and above all the Cumbia style. His art is all about stories, characters from different backgrounds and their experiences across time.

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Anomy SUP 11'6

£749.00 Regular Price
£599.00Sale Price
VAT Included
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