The Blackfish Nootka paddle delivers value and performance.

The Nootka is the ideal blade shape for surfing, doing yoga or just paddling across the local lake.

This blade is Blackfish's best selling classic teardrop shape.

The dihedral allows for clean water entry, a stable catch phase and a clean exit.

This blade is both light and durable and is available in fibreglass (texalium) and the Blackfish unique fishskin technology.

High performance that is cost effective
Available in 520cm² blade size to match your strength and paddling style
Clean entry and stable catch phase due to proven design
8 degree blade to shaft angle
ABS rails to provide durability
Available in texalium fibreglass and fishskin (fibreglass with a highly durable topsheet)
The clamp on the adjustable shaft is unique to Blackfish; designed not to crush the shaft but to hold it securely in place without damaging its integrity.
Blade, shaft and handle are all fabricated using Bio-Resin
Always shipped in paddle sock with no bubble wrap
Shaft type - 12k carbon filament
Handle - Ergo
Blade Size - 520cm²

Blackfish Nootka Fishskin Black Paddle 520cm² 3pc