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The Gladiator Elite 12'6 is for those who want to up their game and paddle longer distances with a touring board. The 12'6 Elite touring board provides extra glide and speed whilst still being easy to paddle. Whether paddling with your dog or child sat on the front, or fully loaded ready for an overnight adventure, the 12'6 can handle any extra volume. The sport is 30" x 5.9" wide for a shorter rider or a more proficient rider wanting even more speed.

Gladiator Elite 12'6S


Length: 12'6

Width: 30"

Thickness: 6"


Rider recommended weight between 75-90kg. Maximum weight for this board is 110kg.

Board weight 9kg


Narrower than the tourer this is ideally suited for someone that wants that bit more glide on the water.


The Gladiator Pro Range is made from premium 26psi high fusion density drop stitch with the XStrong rail. The Pro is a premium board range for people who want more.


These boards should not be compared to boards of similar cost. This range uses manufacturing techniques only found in boards twice the price.

Gladiator Elite 12'6s

VAT Included
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