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The Gladiator Pro 10'8 SUP has a width of 34" and a thickness of 5.9" making this allround paddleboard ideal for riders over 85 Kilos and with no maximum weight limit this board is a great option for the heavier rider. The 10'8 SUP is a great board for those wanting ultra amounts of stability from the 34" width and with straight rails and stability running through the center of the board, this board will have everyone enjoying the water - even the most under-confident.

10'8 x 34" x 6"


Board weight 10.5kg

Rider recommended weight over 80 kg


The Gladiator Pro Range is made from premium 26psi high fusion density drop stitch with the XStrong rail. The Pro is a premium board range for people who want more.


These boards should not be compared to boards of similar cost. This range uses manufacturing techniques only found in boards twice the price.

Gladiator Pro 10'8 2022

£499.00 Regular Price
£399.00Sale Price
VAT Included
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