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The 11’4 Pro is a great inflatable paddleboard for the majority of paddlers, wanting a board that can do a bit of everything, excelling in touring and river paddling. The pointed nose and square tail help to create the perfect combination of speed and stability. This board also holds its own in small waves. The performance all-round board has been specifically engineered and designed to offer performance and speed to paddlers who want a step up from the all-round board but still want the flexibility of use. It's length and nose shape make it fast, its width and squared tail make it stable. If you want a board to go anywhere and do a bit of everything, this is the one.

11'4 x 32" x 4.75"


Board weight 10kg

Rider recommended weight between 60-110kg


The Gladiator Pro Range is made from premium 26psi high fusion density drop stitch with the XStrong rail. The Pro is a premium board range for people who want more.


These boards should not be compared to boards of similar cost. This range uses manufacturing techniques only found in boards twice the price.

Gladiator Pro 11'4 2022

£525.00 Regular Price
£475.00Sale Price
VAT Included
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