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Orange 4.6" Flexi SUP Fin - Fits All US Fin Boxes


Small SUP Fin - Flexi Plastic For Extra Durability - with universal nut and bolt.


Fits in US fin box measuring 19.5 cm long or longer


If you have kids and want a durable small fin or just live where there's rocks or low tides and feel you want something that can withstand a bit more rough and tumble -This fin is for you!


Fin box update - Some manufactures have re-designed their universal fin box's to make them slightly shorter to allow the board to roll up easier. The slight issue with this good idea is that not all standard universal fins now fit as they are now too long.


The growing list of boards it will fit into are...

Gladiator, Shark, Anomy, Red Paddle Co with universal fin boxes, Fanatic, Sea Lion, SIC.


It does not fit Jobe or Starboard.

River Fin - 4.6"

VAT Included
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