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A changing river

The River Clyde.

This place gets a tough name locally. The water quality in the Clyde has been poor because of the pollution created from years of industry. Historically it was a hugely important river and was great for trade and shipbuilding in the British Empire.


The Scotsman, 2017

“Since industrialisation in the early 1800s, we’ve abused this river, tipping our waste into her without a second thought for how that impacted the communities living along the banks, the water quality or the wider environment. Hard work and investment has seen water quality improve, aquatic species return, and the stench which once made residents’ lives a misery has gone.”

Nowadays it is cleaner than it has been for a long time. Salmon now swim back up the river. It’s crazy to think they became extinct here because it was too polluted. When paddling here you see seals that often chase you up to Glasgow Green as you travel with high tide.

Humankind creates some amazing things, but it’s unbelievable how sometimes by creating stuff for us we ruin nature.

The Clyde is the heart of Glasgow. Paddleboarders and kayakers have been spotted here more than ever during local lockdowns. It’s exciting to see it being used for recreational sport. The polluted river is changing!! Long may that continue!

📸 @woodcw

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