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Glasgow Paddleboarders Co Launches “Pikes” - the wee ones.

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Glasgow Paddleboarders Pikes are the children of the our social scene. This week we launched our first kids sessions in The Forth and Clyde Canal. We have linked skills based learning to the Scottish Curriculum and are excited for the future of getting our wee pikes safe on the water.

The best way to let you know about what we do is from our clients. This is is our best blog post yet! 🙌🏼

Our Adventures

by Rowan (11) & Lily (10).

Hi, my name is Rowan and I am part of the ‘Glasgow Paddleboarders Pikes’. This is a club for children to come together and paddleboard. We always do self-rescues when we feel like it and we bring our own snacks and juices for our breaks!

On my first day everyone was so nice to me. We had so much fun whilst still learning at the same time. Lily and I both started around the same time so we are on the same learning levels. I love this club because we are all so nice to each other, we can inspire people and most importantly have fun! On our second lesson we learned to jump off the pier onto our boards whilst standing and continue paddling! I’ve learned so many new skills such as walking on my board, jumping and spinning!

There is no age limit for paddle boarding anyone can do it as long as they set their mind to it. I’ve met lots of new friends who love to paddle board too. They are so kind and no one is ever mean to me there.

My name is Lily and I started paddle boarding lessons with Rowan a wee while ago. The Pikes club is on for 3 hours and you get to paddle for a mile and then stop for a break and then paddle again for another mile. You get to stop for snacks and a drink and have a chat with everyone.

At Pikes you learn to jump on your board, spin around, self-rescue, how to trust your buoyancy aid and learn how to be safe in the water. Ally and Matthew are so kind and they are there to help you all the time and have a laugh with. They are very funny!

On our first day Rowan and I showed everyone how to put their fins on their boards and we were leaders with another girl called Charlie. It was a blast! Every day you learn something different and new. This week we went litter picking and we found heaps of rubbish in the canal. We loved learning how to save the environment and look after our local area.

Paddle boarding is so much fun and a great experience. I would recommend Pikes to everyone!

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SUP Mums


Unknown member
Jul 08, 2021

This is great well done girls. You are doing amazing things 🥰


Unknown member
Jul 08, 2021

Very informative blog girls, thanks for sharing your experience with us all! 🙌


Unknown member
Jul 08, 2021

This is brilliant. Glad you both love it so much and the blog is great.


Unknown member
Jul 07, 2021

Paddleboarders Pikes sounds brilliant, Rowan and Lily, and I think the group are very lucky to have you both! I can't wait to read about your next Paddleboard Adventure 🤩

Pamela 😊

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