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5 reasons why you should try SUP Surf

SUP and surf is like the dream mix. If you like paddleboarding and you haven’t dabbled in surf, it’s like SUP in ecstasy. The smashing waves and the thrill of actually catching a wave is a buzz. Any white water river paddleboarders will really have to debate their favourite thing to do.

It’s high energy, high buzz, high excitement. For some the absolute opposite of why they paddleboard. BUT. It upskills your paddling and challenges us to be better paddlers whilst challenging our ability in choppy water. If you’re a sup racer then surfing is hugely beneficial for improving your beach starts and finishes.

Get involved.

Still not convinced? This video shows 2 beginners learning about dealing with waves and controlling a board on a first lesson. Progression is steady over a few lessons to get you paddling in chopping wavy conditions. A combination of surf and sup skills are needed to fully stand up through surf and then surf back onto the beach.

5 reasons for flat water paddlers looking to try SUP surf

Thrilling Experience: SUP surfing in waves provides an exciting and adrenaline-pumping experience that adds a new level of excitement to your paddleboarding adventures.

Skill Development: Surfing waves on a SUP board challenges your balance, agility, and paddling skills, enhancing your overall proficiency in paddleboarding.

Connection with the sea: Riding waves on a SUP board allows you to connect with the natural elements, experiencing the power and beauty of the ocean and its power up close. Don’t be surprised by how powerful the ocean is. Learning about it in surf conditions is awesome.

Physical Fitness: SUP surfing in waves offers a dynamic full-body workout, engaging core muscles, improving balance, and boosting cardiovascular fitness. It’s tiring but you’ll love it!

Adventure and Exploration: Trying SUP surfing in waves introduces you to a new dimension of paddleboarding if you are used to paddling in flat calm conditions. It provides sn alternative when there is too much wind for flat water paddling.

5 reasons for surfers to give SUP surf a go.

Enhanced Visibility: Stand up paddle (SUP) surfing provides a higher vantage point, allowing surfers to see incoming waves more clearly and anticipate their movements for better wave selection.

Improved Maneuverability: SUP surfers have greater maneuverability on the water due to the longer paddle, enabling them to navigate turns and control their board with precision more easily in varying wave conditions.

Increased Stability: The larger size of SUP boards offers increased stability on waves, giving surfers a solid platform to stand on and perform maneuvers with confidence, especially in challenging surf conditions.

Fitness Benefits: SUP surfing engages core muscles, arms, and legs more intensely than traditional surfing, providing a comprehensive workout that improves balance, strength, and endurance.

Versatility: SUP surfing allows surfers to explore a wider range of wave conditions, from small waves to larger swells, making it a versatile option for surfers looking to challenge themselves and expand their skills on the water.

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