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Glasgow Pikes Kids Summer Camp - reviews by Joe and Emily

"The summer camp was so fun. I was glad I learned how to use the paddle properly. Ally and all the other coaches made me amazing at paddle boarding. At the end every day we would get to jump off the paddle boards into the water. Ally also did these really fun activities every day. Monday was ninja skills, Tuesday was planet patrol, Wednesday was survival, Thursday was pirate and Friday was a bit of everything. It was my favourite summer camp I’ve ever done! All the coaches made it really fun."

By Emily

"When I was at the summer camp I found it incredible and it was one of the best camps I’ve ever been to. Throughout the week I had fun but I also learnt a lot on how to control the paddleboard and manoeuvre it.

Every day of the week there was something different we were doing. On Monday it was SUP Ninja where we had do a series of difficult moves on the paddleboard without falling in the water. Tuesday was planet patrol where we went on on the water and found a ton of old plastic bottles and rubbish. On Wednesday it was survival day but in the morning when I arrived it was raining so every one that was there already had a party in Ally’s van till the rain stopped. After we went into the woods and I learnt how to light a fire using a flint and steel. In groups of four or six we all had a go at building a den but we had to find the things to construct it. When Thursday came along it was pirate day and we tried to sail the mega board into Kirkintilloch with the colourful sail that we had created but it wasn’t windy enough. At the end we got to walk off the paddleboard backwards and pretend it was the plank. LOL! By Friday we managed to sail the mega board a little but not all the way to Kirkintilloch because it wasn't windy enough. In the end we were all just jumping in the water and having

This camp was so much fun and I would totally go again."

By Joe

Who's coming next year?


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